Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Top Ten Tunes of 2017

It could be on the East, it could be on the West; it could be in Europe, or it could be in Asia. Today, house music is a global phenomenon that has connected with all different kinds of people from different backgrounds, bringing so many shades of music into one form of expression. This is The KEWL Lounge's top ten tunes of 2017.

Starting off with the spoken words by Mr. V, 'It Can Be' encapsulates what it is that defines house music in current times. Riding over Sean McCabe's trademark dubby sound, the deeper atmospheric East Mix is designed with the sole purpose of getting bodies moving.

Sultry diva Nina Lares is back ! We've got a hot remix of "Uncover Me". Keyboard and production wizard Mark de Clive-Lowe tears up the remix, starting off with Mr. Fingers-esque keys and pads before diving into a deep ocean of improvised jazz keys and full-on space funk. You know that real, amazing, true deep house that sounds just as good 20 years later? That's what this is...

"A Drive" by Dana Weaver is a wonderful r&b/soul gem dating back to 2006, it has been given a amazing soulful makeover by DJ Pope which combines Dana Weaver's unmistakable haunting vocals with illustrious keys, glorious chords and a smooth yet spellbinding organic backdrop. Sheer musical bliss...

Straight out of Johannesburg, South Africa its "Your Love" by DJ Funky T with the vocal performance by Mpho Masilo . It has that deep feel that makes you flow and float as you move to the groove.

"New Day" by Klevakeys, is a glamorous old school inspired production featuring the sultry vocals of Liz Jay alongside grand jazzy keys and lush chords over gentle yet spell binding rhythms, Tony Vee's 'OverDub Vocal Remix' is top-notch soulful house music not to be missed.

“This Hot” features the vocal talents of Emory who brilliantly delivers an infectious, hook driven performance that will make audiences raise their hands up high! Sean McCabe and DJ Spen have pulled their talents together making this project undeniable. Their Hotter Than July Mix builds on the foundation established by Romain and we know that you will enjoy everything it has to offer. 

The beautiful vocals and music of Yannah Valdevit grace "Misleading Love". A stunning remix from the deep house maestro James Benedict moves the dance floor.

Just Whatcha Like, by Zo! featuring Joi was such a feel good song that could be felt on dance floors across genres. David Harness worked his magic on the remix and boom what a mix he's turned out!

"Work It Out" is a fiery slice of gospel, whipping up your body and soul. and is 2017's penultimate tune

Throughout todays highly conscious global community 'perception' often times dictates how we view each other, ourselves and society. The ultimate tune of 2017 looks at it as a living, breathing, life consuming entity, but its message is ultimately one of empowerment. "Perception" the song will make you think, but make no mistake about it, it's also designed to move the body as well as the soul. Richard Earnshaw's deep, soulfully hypnotic treatment works like a charm against Solara's beautifully understated vocal.

So there you have it, the top tunes of 2017 in the KEWL Lounge. Android nation be sure to grab our free app. You can join us in the KEWL Lounge anytime of the day to hear KEWL music for KEWL People. Be sure to share the station with all your KEWL friends. You can also find us on facebook and instagram. Give us a shout out and be sure to like us. www.kewllounge.net is our port in cyberspace. There is always KEWL Ear kandi for you to enjoy so click on, tune & B KEWL!